Spiritual Formation from iMonk

“Those of us who attend churches and care about spiritual formation must graciously insist that they take this seriously. We must find winsome ways of letting our pastors and church leaders know that the “program” we want in our church is one which enables us to develop deep roots in Jesus so that we can represent him well in the world. We’re tired of playing church. We aren’t interested in having and staffing a family-friendly Christian activity center. We would like our pastors to shepherd the flock and provide spiritual guidance and care for each sheep. We’re all for attracting people to the Gospel, but think that would be better accomplished if congregation members would develop a vibrant hidden life with Jesus that exhibits itself in good works among our neighbors, in our communities, as we fulfill our vocations in the context of real life, rather than through program-oriented, event-focused strategies. We are not about building a “great church”; we are about becoming vibrant, grace-filled, Spirit-empowered, Jesus-shaped people.”

I have found the recent series of blog posts by Chaplain Mike at iMonk very enriching, practical and encouraging.  The series covers many aspects of spiritual formation with many practical suggestions.  Spiritual formation is about becoming Jesus-shaped people and I recomend these posts to my friends.  Here is a link to the series on spiritual formation.

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