A year off?? Doesn’t feel like it!

2012Looks like I took a year off! I looked back on my notes along the way, and noticed that I have written practically no notes for nearly a year.  This has been an extraordinary year. It is now just about over, and I took so few notes.  I have a bunch of business notes filed away at the office.  I have notes from my college classes. But my personal notes.  None. Taking some time this week to write some of the notes down.  Some I will share here, others are just for me.  As I prepare for the new year I am recommitting to posting some of my motes along the way here.

Reflections from my time with the guys at Restoration House. Last week I shared with them my time at Agape Force when I was 20.  A lesson learned there that I shared with them.  I can still hear “Captain” Chris ask, “Did God lead you here?  Are you where he wants you? Then stop whining, and get everything you can out of it.  If you job is to clean the toilets, remember God sent you here, and do it the best you can! If it is hard,and someone is in your face, remember God sent you here, submit and learn!”


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