I love Jesus. I believe that following Jesus includes loving and serving not just my own family and my friends, but also my neighbors, my enemies, the marginalized, the outcast, the poor, the sick, the prisoner, the foriegner, the orphan and the widow. It compels me to no longer see people as different, but as the image of God. It demands of me an allegiance to the kingdom of God which crosses borders, nationalities, creeds, and races to make one family. It requires of me to take up my cross, as Jesus did, and suffer so that others might live. I am not all that good at loving or serving; my eyesight is rather nearsighted; I struggle to maintain my loyalty; and I haven’t begun to suffer. I am only an apprentice in the way of Jesus.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Debra since 1987.  We have two sons Bene’-Noel (Good News / Blessed Birth) who is currently studying to be a high school history teacher at Appalachian State University. My younger son,  Kyril Anno (The Lord God is Gracious) is a middle school student at Weddington Middle.

Deb and I, along with two of our friends Harry Walden and Barbara Chandler pooled our resources together  in 2006 to see Common Cupboard, Barbara’s passion, started.  It is the first resource that we created as a part of Common Heart Missional Community.  My passion is to see followers of Jesus mobilized, activated and equipped to serve others as a demonstration of God’s love.


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