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On Ramp to a Dream

I was realizing today how much things have changed in the past year.  14 months ago I lost my job. I must confess I was upset for about an hour.  It had everything to do with the shock, and how … Continue reading

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My (catch up) notes along the way

This has been my first month volunteering full-time at the Cupboard.  Another way to put it is my first month of being unemployed.  A month ago on Friday, Oct 8,  I was called into my bosses office where a lady … Continue reading

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Will you help make up the difference?

The other day I created a project on a wonderful tool for non profits,  It not only helps non-profits to raise needed funding, but it turns people like me and you, into promoters and fundraisers for our favorite organizations. … Continue reading

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“Mustard Seed Initiative”

The other day I was listening to the radio and heard a story about EMILY’s list.  Don’t know if you know what that is or not.  But it is a fund created to elect Pro-Abortion Democratic women to congress.  It … Continue reading

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Anson’s Common Cupboard

Last Friday morning I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with Susan Armstrong from Peachland NC. We scouted Anson for a location for the newest member of the Common Heart family of resources, Anson’s Common Cupboard. I met … Continue reading

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Way of the Cross

Last year on Good Friday was the first time I meditated on “The Stations of the Cross.” It was at St Michael’s Anglican Church in Charlotte. My mom, Bene’ (my son) and I went and it was a good experience. … Continue reading

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Blog More – Done!

Alright. My first of the three Pre-New Year’s resolutions is now complete with this post. I have blogged more (than last year in the first 30 days of January). Still working on blogging often and regularly. So let’s renew that … Continue reading

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